The Learning Glass Story

Learning Glass was developed by SDSU Physics professor Matt Anderson to make learning a more engaging experience for both on campus and online students.

Dr. Anderson has utilized the Learning Glass to create over 450 online videos, stream synchronous lessons, and incorporate this technology into face-to-face and hybrid courses for thousands of STEM students on his YouTube Channel – (Which just passed ONE MILLION views!)

How it Works

The Learning Glass technology is deceptively simple: LED lighting on low-iron glass creates a transparent white board. With a neon marker in hand, the presenter faces the audience while writing on the Learning Glass board. This approach improves audience engagement in both live and online presentations. With the semi-transparent frosted glass insert in place, presenters project video or presentation slides while annotating directly on the glass.

Images are flipped in real time for streaming or live presentations through an in-line device with a laptop or a reverse scan camera. Alternatively, images can be flipped horizontally after the presentation with editing software. No special skills (such as writing backwards) are needed to use the Learning Glass.

What’s He Writing On?

There was some sort of cosmic convergence around 2011-2012, when multiple individuals developed the Learning Glass approach nearly simultaneously. At around the same time that Dr. Anderson was developing his Learning Glass at San Diego State University, friend and collaborator, Dr. Michael Peshkin was developing his Lightboard* at Northwestern University.

Dr. Peshkin is a wonderful teacher, inventor, and engineering researcher, and has generated a considerable following with his Lightboard user group.  We are grateful for his friendship, expertise, and generosity and encourage you to visit his page:

*For the record, awesome name!

Buy or Build?

At Learning Glass Solutions, we firmly believe that the Learning Glass & Lightboard approach is simply a better method for instruction.  We want people to adopt this educational technology however they can, thus if you would rather build a Learning Glass or Lightboard yourself, feel free.  Instructions are readily available here:

Learning Glass Build Instructions

Lightboard Build Instructions

Meet the Team

Matt Anderson
Matt AndersonCEO and President
Dr. Matt Anderson is a cofounder of Learning Glass Solutions and serves as the CEO and President for the company. Dr. Anderson has over 25 years experience in physics research and education.
As a professor of physics for the last 15 years, he has led a highly productive research group. He has also taught a multitude of course offerings, and is consistently one of the top-rated professors.
Sherry Shopoff
Sherry ShopoffCOO and Vice President
Sherry Shopoff is a cofounder of Learning Glass Solutions and worked at San Diego State University in on-line course management and producing on-line video course content.
Sherry has worked in documentary and educational film, free-lanced as a videographer, editor, and motion graphics designer, and has taught video production and performing arts to all ages.
Ellen Bolden
Ellen BoldenCFO
Ellen is a rare San Diego native, having graduated from SDSU she went on to get her CPA license. She worked in public accounting for 17 years and then moved to private industry. One of the many highlights of her career was working for Ericsson where she was heavily involved in supply chain management, PTP and change management process. Ellen has worked in biotech, retail and legal arenas.
Eric Johnson
Eric JohnsonDirector of Studio Operations
Eric is a Technical Wizard. His background is in broadcast engineering and live production of sports and major events. He is an experienced photographer, videographer and editor. Currently attending San Diego State University pursuing his BS in Electrical Engineering and minoring in Television, Film, and Media, Eric has helped design the avionics control module as part of the Rocket Project and is the Vice President of IEEE.
Terri Linman
Terri LinmanInstructional Designer
Terri brings over 30 years of experience and works with faculty from several universities to develop and/or convert courses for the online environment. She holds her BS in Developmental Education and MA in Educational Technology from SDSU, and is a strong proponent of high quality, results-driven curriculum that is both effective and engaging for students.
Shawn Firouzian
Shawn FirouzianEducation Research Specialist
Shawn leads the Learning Glass efficacy studies and its adaptation into the online courses. He is currently a doctoral candidate in the Mathematics and Science Education Doctoral program, a joint program between University of California, San Diego, and San Diego State University.
Shawn is an advocate of the integrated approach towards the STEM education.
Matt Crawley