– “Learning Glass is another step in the evolution of online instruction.”

Leader-Telegram, 2016



Educause Blog, April 2018

Reframing Learning with the Learning Glass and Lightboard

Faculty explore various uses of a new technology that incorporates hand-drawn elements into online lectures.

A few years back, two professors who had previously only taught in face-to-face courses found themselves developing online courses, deprived of their beloved chalkboards.

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Leader-Telegram, June 2016

Learning Glass a visible improvement

Learning Glass helps professors connect with online students

MENOMONIE — In a mostly dark studio in Millennium Hall, Julie Zaloudek stood in front of an illuminated pane of glass about the size of a large television.

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California Educator, December 2015

Through the Learning Glass

San Diego State University Physics professor Matt Anderson didn’t like turning his back on students in class while writing on a whiteboard

Anderson’s solution: He created Learning Glass. With help from a few of the university’s instructional technology engineers, Anderson developed a transparent glass “whiteboard.” When he writes on the glass with neon dry-erase markers, LED side lighting causes the writing to glow.

“It helps me maintain a connection. It enhances the auditorium setting. And online students love it.”

Learning Glass article in California Educator Magazine
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New York Times, September 2015

San Diego State University’s New Learning Glass Studio

Makes Class Time More Engaging

Students say they feel more connected to their professor while watching lectures online via Mediasite versus face-to-face instruction.

San Diego State University is making class time more personable in a unique new learning studio with help from Mediasite from Sonic Foundry, inc., the trusted global leader for video solution and management solutions.

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ETS News, August 2015

Learning Glass Wins 2015 Sautter Award

Don Olliff and Craig Bentley of the Instructional Technology Integration (ITI) team were recognized for their work on the Learning Glass

“The Learning Glass is one of the most important tools in online education that we’ve found and presents a number of different advantages,” Don Olliff said. “Faculty can easily draw on it to illustrate concepts, thoughts, or equations, using colors for emphasis and contrast. Students are more engaged because Learning Glass videos feel more personal, like a conversation rather than a lecture. Believe it or not, it’s actually easier for both faculty and us to create Learning Glass videos than other types of videos. It’s a much more relaxed process that also creates great educational content.”

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Higher Ed TD, July 2015

San Diego State University is implementing The Learning Glass Studio to increase student learning

The see-through whiteboard was created by physics instructor Matt Anderson

“Mediasite allows us to deliver high-quality, high-definition video to our students,” Anderson said in a previous statement. “My students felt more connected to me while watching a lecture in the studio versus being face-to-face in a 500-person class, even though most of them are sitting at home watching online via Mediasite.”

Bluestone Gallery
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Campus Technology, July 2015

Experimenting with student engagement using a special writing surface, a studio audience and a streaming media site

California State University system may follow

According to an online description, Anderson uses LED side lighting on low-iron shower glass to create a see-through white board. This approach helps make neon dry-erase markers highly visible and allows students attending the class in person and online to see his face as he solves problems on the board. So that the audience can read what he writes from the other side of the glass, Learning Glass uses software and a mirror to flip the text horizontally.

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Noticias Telemundo, Month 2015

Learning Glass, an innovative solution for distance learning

Florida International University Online presentó en Emerge Americas 2015 una tecnología de punta que muy pronto implementará

Florida International University Online introduced in 2015 Americas Emerge a cutting edge technology that will soon be implemented

FIU… displayed state-of-the-art teaching technology, from the “learning glass” used by FIU Online to engage students around the world…

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