Learning Glass educational lightboard technology, boosting engagement on campus and online.

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.
– Sydney J. Harris

The Learning Glass company was started by Dr. Matt Anderson, a Physics professor at SDSU, who developed the Learning Glass lecture capture system; successfully creating over 300 online videos, streaming synchronous lessons and incorporating this technology into face-to-face and hybrid courses for thousands of STEM students.

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Innovative Educational Technology

Specialized glass, internally illuminated to create a glass light board, the Learning Glass system combines the latest instructional technology with lecture capture video tools conducive to an online learning environment.

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Great Online
Teaching Tools

The presenter faces the camera while teaching and writing on the Learning Glass, enhancing the non-verbal communication and personal connection with his or her students.
When paired with optimized markers, the writing is vibrant and crisp.

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Comprehensive Lecture Capture System

Add Powerpoint slides, images and video to the presentation by projecting it onto a translucent glass attachment, or insert with software in real time.

Flip the video horizontally through hardware or software and your video is ready to share.


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