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Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions. Our team of technicians, instructional designers, and video experts are available for training and support throughout the production process and to provide advice based upon proven practices to maximize instructional effectiveness.

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The LGS60 is shipped by freight. It is necessary to have a delivery address that will accommodate a semi-trailer truck. Redelivery will result in additional charges. Mounting hardware, markers and cleaning kit are shipped in a separate box. The table (LGS60T) is shipped directly from the factory via FedEx Ground in two packages. Shipping costs include crating, insurance, freight and delivery services.

The basic Learning Glass set up requires the following elements:
1) Learning Glass
2) Microphone
3) Video Camera
4) A method for horizontally flipping the image before output

When using the Learning Glass keep the dimmer at 50% or less. Arrange the lights for the presenter on either side of the glass at face level. It is preferable to have one from the front above the glass and, if possible, one from behind. Take care to keep the lights from spilling onto the glass and creating glare. It is also important to adjust the f-stop on the camera to maximize the writing on the glass and maintain good lighting on the presenter. Darken the room lights, as you would on any set.

We require a 50% deposit or PO# to process the order. Credit card payments are accepted (inc. 3% surcharge). Units usually ship within five working days and the balance is due on delivery.

Yes, if you choose to record with Mediasite. Our Mediasite technicians can add a multimedia feed to your recording, allowing your students to switch back and forth between you at the Learning Glass and your Powerpoint. Alternatively, you can purchase the Frosted Plexi-Glass Projection Attachment which is clipped onto the Learning Glass facing the camera. This is used as a screen for a standard video projector connected to a laptop, with a Powerpoint, video clip or other image you may want to use.

Yes, flat panel displays are placed in the room allowing your live audience to view the “flipped” image of the Learning Glass. Student tables can be outfitted with wireless microphones, allowing audio of student questions to be captured on your recording. 

Yes, we offer a 10% educational discount. There are additional discounts available for purchases of multiple units.

Most units are shipped within five working days of order. Learning Glass units (LGS60 and LGS60T) are shipped by freight, which can take up to a week in transit. International orders may take longer depending on location. Studio Packages may take 3-4 weeks for all items to arrive.

If the footage is going to be streamed live, the image can be flipped in three ways:

  • Some cameras have a “reverse scan” feature, which will flip the image as it is being recorded.
  • Video hardware, such as a scaler, can be attached between the camera and a computer to flip the image.
  • Video software can be used to flip the image on the computer that is attached to the camera.  

If the footage is being used asynchronously, it can be easily flipped in most editing programs.

The unit is pre-built with a plug-in power supply and dimmer. The table for the LGS60T requires some assembly and the LGS unit will need to be mounted on the table, using the hardware provided in the accessory box. IMPORTANT: mounting the glass on the table requires two people to move, steady and bolt the unit to the table. See Assembly Guide.

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